You want spine tingling romance with your husband (whatever that means for you).

Since the baby arrived, somehow your new bundle also became your new wedge. There is no denying you have been emotionally unsatisfied with your marriage. You want to be seen, acknowledged & back on that pedestal he once put you on.

I want to make that a reality for you.

{ Imagine this... }

Your marriage is filled with laughter, conversation, flirty butt taps, him loading the dishwasher & hanging out the laundry. It’s a life & marriage you’d be proud to write a status on Facebook about.

You feel appreciated & acknowledged. There’s no resentment or bitterness.No loneliness or frustrations.

Your husband can feel the difference. He says, “good morning, beautiful” when you arise. He compliments your cooking. He’s even noticing how calmer and happier you’ve become at home.

All this…because you decided you want to make your marriage and family your priority. Divorce is not an option. All this…because you want a marriage & a life that absolutely rocks.

You are yearning for that eye lock, that wink, that smile.

I can help.

It truly, utterly breaks my heart when I see healthy, well intentioned relationships spiral down the path of emptiness. As a Marriage + Life Coach, it’s my job to help you rebuild that connection.

When people come into my world, I hear how their husbands don’t appreciate or respect them anymore. Or how isolated, lonely and frustrated they feel. Or they are butting heads because of a lack of communication. Or sometimes, they squint while pondering, "Is there another soul out there who could serve my emotional needs? Is the grass really greener?" Of course, they would never act on in it, but the thought is real.

When working with me, women learn how to express emotion, diffuse conflict + eliminate blame. Problems like “I just feel unsupported” become few and far between, because now, you too can have access to my toolkit.

Like anything you’ve worked hard for, there will be sweat + tears. But, you of all people know, anything that is WORTH IT, very rarely comes without it.

why does my husband not want to be intimate
Hi, I'm Nathalie Biviano.
I help smart married mothers fall back in love with their husbands.