You are frustrated, under-appreciated, isolated.

Right now your marriage feels like it's in a rut. Being a mum + wife (+ everything else in between) is depleting.

You feel annoyed (because the weight is on you), resentful (because of his long working hours), isolated (because your girlfriends have their own issues). You want to stay positive but just feel like you can't.

A simple conversation about <insert: small, stupid thing> blows out into a full argument, and you feel your world is crumbling. Constantly butting heads makes it really hard to have a chat. Even when you do, you're not even completely honest with how you feel.  

To keep the peace, you end up holding everything in. Bottling it up. And up. And up. Until you don't. Rinse, repeat.

And, as you shed another tear going to sleep, you're kept up at night because you stew on this question:

"Why can't we just get back to the way we used to be?"

That's where I come in.

I help smart married mums take their marriage from loneliness & frustration to feeling adored & supported. 

And here's why I'm so passionate about helping these women. I was there in 2011 not long after my first baby was born - it was a horrible, lonely place.

Let's face it - DINK life (double-income-no-kids) was magical. Sure, every relationship has its ups and downs, but before kids, we had few challenges. Add kids to the mix: Oh Dear. What a Shock.

The biggest shock to my marriage after kids? The evaporation of emotional intimacy.

My husband is a remarkable father (he rarely misses bathtime). But, being a remarkable father wasn't enough for me. The guy who used to put me on a pedestal....just...disappeared. I desperately missed him.

Throw in sleep depreviation, not showering for 3 days, feeling like sh*t... hardly ideal conditions for effective communication. (And I have a degree in Communications!)

And then the last straw argument. I curled into fetal position, crying. Feeling so helpless. Because I knew we loved each other, but there was something so fundamentally missing to making us *feel loved* by one another.

And then I discovered the solution.

My vulnerable heart couldn't go on; I needed solutions NOW. So I searched and searched. Read and read. Listened and listened. Bought courses, listened to podcasts, borrowed books, attended workshops, became a master student of world experts in the game of love + marriage. 

Like any good student who was serious about getting good grades, I applied my learnings. And continue to do so, everyday.  

The results? I saw changes in my husband in about 2 weeks. Not kidding. Nowadays, I feel him looking at me like that, again. And it feels divine.

Photo cred: Piccolo Pictures   After 12 years together, my heart still skips a beat when he winks at me. Is my marriage perfect? No such thing. Am I genuinely happy in my marriage? Abso-freakin-lutely.

Photo cred: Piccolo Pictures

After 12 years together, my heart still skips a beat when he winks at me. Is my marriage perfect? No such thing. Am I genuinely happy in my marriage? Abso-freakin-lutely.

It's now my job to share everything I know with you.  

I really felt I could contribute to the world in my own way with what I experienced. I also know that in between running a household, attending to children, growing a business or meeting deadlines, and everything else in your busy life... you don't have the luxury of time to get into self studies like me. That's why it's my job to deliver the distilled juice - the kryptonite - to shave years off your time. Get your marriage back into shape sooner, rather than feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Quit Feeling Alone and Frustrated: Bring Back The Husband Who Adores You in 3 Simple Steps...

Yep. That's what I'm currently working on. This e-book reveals my sweet secrets on re-connecting in marriage. 

If you would like to receive a FREE copy once I finish it, let me know the best place to send it to and I'll be in touch!

I'm doing my best with managing two small children and working on this site as being a rich resource for you. After my family is sorted, I put everything into building this site.

This work matters so much to me. (The blog is a good place to start.) 

Me? I'm a total geek in love with life.

I am wife to Robert, mother to Zara and Massimo. Sister to Kris, Jess and Jus. Daughter to Bun and Phiny. Aunty to Mya & Phoebe. I'm an ex-Sydney sider trying to find my feet (and the best gelato) on the Gold Coast. I'm also doing my best to impart Cambodian and Italian to the kids. That way when we visit our parents' motherland, they'll know if street vendors are ripping them off. I have two favourite hang outs: the library and Zumba zones.

I am obsessed with learning. And so far, I've learnt that in our crazy, loud and busy lives, we can easily lose scope of what is truly important. Stephen Covey really struck a chord when he said: "Start with the end in mind".

D-Day. Our death bed. Guaranteed we are all going to be there. What will you be hugging? Your bank statements? Your framed MBA? Your shiny toys? I will be hugging my life companion, with no regret of how much I loved, and how much I was loved.

I believe the *quality of our lives* is determined by the *quality of our relationships*. I also believe the relationship with your husband is the most important relationship to focus the energy. WHEN EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN OUR MARRIAGE, WE’RE UNSTOPPABLE. Our parenting is better, our business thrives and the trickle effects of a great marriage pour over to other important relationships.

When we love and when we’re loved, we’re generally happier people. Happy people make better decisions and accomplish more. When we find happiness in our lives, we strive to making this world a better place. And what I've learnt, it all starts from home. That's why it's my mission to nurture and protect my marriage, and teach others to do the same.


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I'm so glad you're here. It means your marriage is important to you, and you're taking the high road to helping it get back to that special place.  

It can be highly overwhelming with where to start. So, that's why I gotcha back.