What is Love?

What is Love? An excerpt from Feb 14th 2015.

I review my writings periodically to see if I still align with what I said 12 months ago. And yep, I still do. So I am posting this here, to kick things off here on this blog.

What is Love?

As I thought about this, I discovered it's hard to put in words. Why? Because love is an overused word. The same word describes so many scenarios that are worlds apart.


 I Love my family.

 I Love gelato.

 I Love how people run for buses they miss anyway (the determination rocks)!

 I Love Disney flicks.

 I Love Brisbane traffic (i.e. what traffic?)

 I Love seeing old folks hold hands.

 I Love Chivalry.

So many contextual variations, it's not that easy to articulate what love is.


So, I offer this (a two fold definition):

1.We use the word Love, as an adjective, simply in lieu of describing "that" feeling. You know, the one that makes you feel:

 - at home

 - safe

 - a big smile in your heart.

So, for example.

 -Three months in, I knew I would marry Rob. Being with him made me feel 'at home'.

 -Disney flicks makes me feel like the kid that never grew up; there's safety in that feeling.

 -Seeing oldies hold hands while eating gelato? Stop it. It's ridiculously cute.

What is Love?

It's that fuzzy feeling.

2. Equally, Love is a verb. When it comes to treasured relationships, in particular marriage, it's all good and well for me to say "Oh I love my husband" and be all fuzzy about it. Same goes for any other important relationships that I Love. Not only do I *know* it, it's a responsibility to *show* it. How? By choosing to. By engaging with words and actions that explicitly say I Love You in a way he requests to be loved.

Love is:

 A deliberate choice to be kind + compassionate.

The point of this post is that I'm making a public declaration and sending an open invitation to everyone to always choose love. Sounds easy and straight forward, but on days when life/kids/craziness takes over, well, I'll be the first to admit I slip. I can be short, irritable and not my best version of Love. Yuck.

So, Feb 14 triggered a self imposed question of what Love is to me, and how I show up for my end of the deal. Every single day.

As for choosing love today, I will remember to choose to Breathe vs Barking at the kiddie circus.