Last Straw Argument - What It Did To My Marriage...

How did this whole blog/site/business/passion project start?

When I said, "this is not the way it's supposed to be".

Constant bickering, fighting and arguments over petty shit left me feeling so unloved and so misunderstood. This was when our first baby came along.  

Can you relate?

And then the last straw argument. I knew I couldn't go on. Something had to change.

Something did change (I discovered something so powerful about relating to my husband). And I turned things around. 

I had the honour of being interviewed for the Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz Podcast; a woman I've girl-crushed on because her work has soul-saved me!!

In this podcast interview, I wear my heart on my sleeve and it gets raw.

You'll hear about:

- The book that changed my life (The Five Love Languages).

- How important it is to know each other's love language. 

- How to de-code what your spouse is doing so that you feel loved. 

Grab a cuppa, put your headphones on for an up close and personal feel, and get to know a little more about me and my mission about helping married mothers fall back in love with their husbands. This podcast goes for about 25mins.

Press play below {please be patient for it to load : } 

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Please share/comment on what parts you resonated with?

Would love to hear your story, too. 


Show notes: 

1. The 5 Love Languages  Online test

2. The Gottman Institute

3. Sarah Napthali, Buddhism For Mothers

4. Personal edit: It was incorrect of me to say "I stumbled across" the book The Five Love Languages. It's more accurate to note my mentor Katherine Beaumont advised me about many years prior, so I bought it. It sat on my bookshelf for years before I had to read it. Classic case of "the teacher arrives when the student is ready". 

5. Find out more about the interviewer, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, and her amazing soul work at Happy Mama