I shared with my husband my greatest fear...

We’ve been going through the motions in our household. 
(Motions = Fair bit going on = Somewhat stressed.) 

Rob and I can both be short and irritable. 
(What’s really going on underneath: usually disconnection.) 

Yet, we will always find a way back to each other.
(Action: I just let him be and not make it about me. (Check out this <this post> I wrote about it.)

So, finally, the other day, we’re having pillow talk. 
(Rare, as lately I’ve been falling asleep with the kids.)

We get into this really deep chat. 

Crescendo builds as I prepare to pour my guts out.

I pause; my eyes well up; I feel a frog in my throat.


“I'm scared we would stop making time for each other.”


Rob takes a deep breath.

He replies:

“It’s hard, you know. The kids, the customers, the house, this and that, you know, it’s hard. Things are pulling at me in every direction. There’s always something." 

Tears rolled down my face as I blinked. 

“That’s precisely the point.” 

Rob takes another deep breath.

It sinks in.  


And this is what this entire blog is about. 
This is what Spine Tingling Marriage is about. Just taking the moments to stop. To re-anchor. To think, "Is what I'm doing absolutely crucial to my life and making me happy?"

When we go 6 foot under --- our grave --- we take nothing with us. Nothing. No Louis handbags, no ING Saver Direct passwords, no heavy PhD thesis. Nothing. 

Nada. Niente. Zero. 

Except for memories and a legacy. 

And we will ask ourselves >> 
Did I love? Was I loved? Did I matter? Was I kind? Do I regret anything? Was I really happy?

And when I ask these questions, it makes me shift frame, shift mindset, and shift priority. Energy shifts. And so does the way I show up to my man. 

“ Relationships are the strongest single predictor of human joy and well-being.
— Dr Sue Johnson’s Love Sense (2013).


The reality is - I do know - that it’s overwhelming to put marriage first.

Especially when everyone and everything is demanding a piece of you. 

So, here’s the deal.

We're giving away an incredible resource to help you make marriage a priority. 

I was honoured to receive a (PDF) pre-release copy of this book below (to review it). I loved it so much I ordered my own hardcopy when it launched to the masses. 

And, here's the cool bit - the author Michelle Peterson has gifted two copies (which she will sign) to give away to our amazing community. How cool is that people!!??

Photocredit: #staymarried | Michelle and Tony Peterson

Photocredit: #staymarried | Michelle and Tony Peterson

I've been following Michelle and Tony and their #StayMarriedBlog since 2012. The podcast is outstanding; not only full of practical advice, they are hilarious. You should check it out here. 

The book is: 

- divided into 52 chapters (i.e. 52 devotions; 1 per week) 
- so digestible (short and consumable) 
- backed by science and offers lots of real life examples
- action orientated
- referenced to the Bible frequently >>> I thought I should mention this as I am NOT a religious person, and I found it totally non-preachy (if you know what I mean).  

Click here to WIN this incredible book!

You will be asked to answer 1 question: 

What does devotion look like to you?


Have a good think. We’re looking for heartfelt, funny, creative, all of the above. Give us what you got. The two best responses will win.

Entries close 14th June, 2017 - be sure to share to others, too! 

The More, The Merrier = More Happy Marriages = More Happy People = More Thriving Families = Active Communities = World Peace?

I am so grateful you are on this journey with all of us. 

Lots of love to you,
xx Nat

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