How To Immediately Make More Time In Your Day

Received this message last week from one of you beauties. 
(Thank you! I love receiving messages!)

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So many universal truths in this message: 
- We are all time poor
- So many areas demand our time
- We can feel depleted when time is poured to everyone else

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED that this smart chicky babe is putting herself first. She is going out of her way to think of how to make marriage a priority. And she recognises when she is really lacking "me time".


Because why?

When we get to the place of "I don't have time for that" it can become a habitual saying.

Sayings > become our thoughts
Thoughts > become our beliefs
Beliefs > become our reality

And things can REALLY get into disarray if you ever find yourself saying,

"Don't have time to sit and chat with my husband"
"Don't have time for date night"
"Too tired for sex" or, anything that falls under:
"Don't have time for my marriage".

A mentor once shared:

The state of overwhelm is almost always traced back to a lack of boundary setting.


Ask this of everyone you encounter:

Is the person I am spending time with worth:

3 minutes of my time?
30 minutes of my time?
3 hours of my time?


By asking yourself this question to EVERY person you encounter, you take stock of where your time is being spent. When you realise the 3 hour lunch with that friend drained (instead of energising you), you quickly realise this friend is a 30 minute person, not a 3 hour person.

We have interactions with people all the time.

But what counts are those that are adding value, joy and growth into your life.

Who comes to mind when I ask: Who DRAINS you?

Who comes to mind when I ask: Who INSPIRES you?

How much TIME do you spend with them?

Be honest with yourself when answering these questions.

Your soul and your marriage depend on it.

I did a FB live and went into greater detail, with an example of someone who used to suck the life out of me and I didn't even realise it. (>>>Check out the FB page and you can find the video there<<<)

Now that I am so much more conscious of where my time is spent, I can make that homemade meal my husband loves.

Would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this.