The Struggle is Real.

The parenting struggle is real. Its impact on marriage is very real, too.

What does one do to navigate better?

Attend a parenting seminar of course (and make it a date night)!

In March 2019, my husband and I went to see outstanding motivational presenter Bruce Sullivan present at our kids’ school. (We are so fortunate our very dedicated Principal arranged for Bruce to present his seminar to us parents.)

Some gems from parenting seminar:

👉We Chose This. Being married. Being a parent. We chose it. So, when we need to wake up in the middle of the night to change a nappy, or when kids are at your ankle demanding your attention, just remember we chose this!

👉When we get into “Whose Had The Worse Day Competition”, that’s when we’re doomed as a unit.

👉INTENTION vs IMPACT. It’s great we intend to be kind, patient. But intention means nothing to husband and kids if our behavioural impact does not match the intention. What will stand out to them is that you were short, demanding and unpleasant. (for example).

👉That the WINDSCREEN is bigger than the REAR VIEW MIRROR. Just keep looking forward.

Blown away with the content, delivery and vital message, of course I reached out to Bruce!

I asked him if he’d share his wisdom with you guys.

And he agreed.

So I emailed you.

And asked you what challenges are on parenting front?

And if it impacts your marriage?

It was unanimous. COMMUNICATION is struggle street for us all.

So here it is, guys. I bring to you the conversation I had with Bruce Sullivan. We had such good laughs!


It’s broken into 5 parts. I recommend you listen to all 5, as Bruce offers so many actionable tips you can apply STRAIGHT AWAY.

[First time interviewing - nervous as! He’s sought after by the likes of Virgin Australia! LOADS of oils helped me relax (Lavender), get my words out (Spearmint), and more importantly to really connect with Bruce (Marjoram and Cedarwood). He is a total legend for making me feel so comfortable. We had a tonne of fun!]

The key to making lasting changes in marriage is doing the small and consistent action. That’s when IMPACT occurs. Even if you get 1 or 2 key ideas from this series, start with that. Most of all, just have fun with it!

You can learn more about Bruce Sullivan and his incredible work at

So incredibly grateful for his time to share his wisdom. What a gift.

Hope you love this conversation and get something out of it.

If you did, please share this blog article with someone who else who may need it.

x Nat