Coaching Programs

When it comes to coaching, you and I both know there is a never a one size fits all.

That's why we've already discussed what will work best for you in our Get It Off Your Chest Session.

{If we haven't, please book your spot now.}

I am so excited we are moving forward together to getting marriage back on track.

Please select below the program we discussed and arrange for payment.

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Jump Start & Takeoff

This is an intensive 2.5hr session via skype designed to get clarity of your personal and marriage goals. From this session, you gain a clear action-step plan to solve the pain you are experiencing right now. You will see him changing / saying / doing the 'right thing'.

Investment: AUD$400


Sparks Will Fly

This is a 6 week coaching program via skype where you receive complete support without judgement, greater confidence in addressing conflict, motivation to bring back the husband you miss, have ready-to-use phrases to get you what you need. From this program, you gain better insight as to what triggers you and him, and thereby create re-connection and intimacy back into your marriage.

Investment: AUD$1,000

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Road Tripping Honeymoon

This is a 12 week coaching program via skype where you will receive everything in "Sparks Will Fly"...and more. You will learn the fundamentals of what NOT to do in a partnership; making your marriage bond even stronger. You get into deeper levels of intimacy. No matter how muddy the waters get, you will be confidently equipped - and know exactly how to get through.

Investment: AUD$1,800