Road Tripping Honeymoon - 12 Week Coaching Program


Road Tripping Honeymoon - 12 Week Coaching Program

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This is right for you if: 

👉You feel lonely, unheard, and unappreciated

👉You may feel like you and your husband are room-mates

👉You are constantly fighting with your husband, and the same things keep coming up.

👉You feel like your disconnection is affecting your children 

👉You want to understanding why your husband has changed and what you can do to change him back. 

👉You want to resolve communication styles and have a better approach to managing conflict.

👉You crave to being back to that place you once were (like when you were courting)

🔶This program is 12 weeks; 1 x hr Zoom call per week for 12 weeks.

🔶All calls are recorded for you to have access to.

🔶This program includes unlimited email. 

🔶You will receive all templates and scripts (i.e. exact words and phrases to use) to improve communication. 

🔶Purposely designed for: those who deeply know change doesn’t happen overnight. Creating new habits + new paradigm thinking, takes time and accountability.

🔶Program has worked well for: highly motivated self starters, who thrive on implementation, and just need sideline coach for guidance.

🔶Please note, this is a completely customised 12 week program, designed for your situation right now. No two clients have ever received the same outline. 

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Week 1: Get His Attention (Know his Love Language)

-          Why things were great in the beginning and why that’s changed

-          Why things feel stale now, and how to get out of it

-          Why you feel disconnected, and how to reconnect again

Week 2: Communicate and Manage Conflict Better

-          How to express dreams/goals without being judged

-          How to help him realise it’s not personal

-          How to approach and manage conflict

Week 3: Get Him Engaged Without Being Dramatic

-          How to know when the right time is to bring up issues

-          Have an open conversation about how you really feel

-          Understand key differences between

Week 4: How To Feel More Understood   

-          Know the key differences between you and your husband

-          Use this information to transform the way you relate to each other

-          Learn communication techniques to make him understand you

Week 5: Ask and You Shall Receive

-          Get what you want by learning the way to ask for it

-          Do it in a way that’s graceful, yet assertive

-          Ask for what you want with clarity and confidence

Week 6: How to Feel Valued by Your Husband

-          Stay true to yourself, express your views and still be valued

-          How to present yourself as interesting

-          Feel loved by the man you fell in love with and married