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Hey Mumma, healer of the home.

I hear you.

Like marriage isn't already enough work. You are also craving good sleep, not-so-crazy kids, boosted immunity for everyone, a sense of calm... 

Here's how essentials oils has got your back. 


When mother nature shows you how her gifts can heal your home naturally, you pay attention. 

Essential Oils are not new - they've been round for millennia. Our ancestors survived naturally before blister-packet convenience made its way to the masses. 

I will never forget thinking: "An oil can make him feel better?"

You know the drill with daycare aka bacteria breeding ground.  

It was then explained what essential oils are, what they do, how they work.

Ever smelt a flower and thought, 'woah, how lovely' or even the scent of a cinnamon bark or the rind of a lemon? You are experiencing the a small dose of essential oils. 

Plants - stems, leaves, roots, bark, peel - all have aromatic compounds within them (this is what you can smell). Those compounds serve as THEIR protection from the environment: toxins, parasites, harsh weather conditions, air borne viruses etc... Plants have their own defence mechanism to keep them healthy. 

The human DNA is similar to that of a plant --- meaning, our bodies recognise the aromatic compounds, and just like they are the defence system for plants, they help our bodies heal themselves. Now, just to be clear, essential oils DO NOT CURE ANYTHING. Rather, they are safe, effective and affordable tools we can arm ourselves with to help our bodies help themselves. 

When we experience high quality, therapeutic grade oils, our body knows what to do with them.

I've been using doTERRA essential oils since early 2017 - and I wish I found them sooner. They really have blessed our household. Reach out to me if you want to try a sample. You really do need to experience it for yourself.

Or, if you're ready for these beauties, head to: 



Oils that need to be in every home. 

This is the home essentials kit; every house needs this!

This is the home essentials kit; every house needs this!

This is the home essentials kit. 

It's called this for a reason! 


✅immunity boosting.

✅improved digestion.

✅increased calmness and sanity.

✅soothed tension that happens in the head, legs, feet.

✅respiratory support.

✅improved mental focus.

✅glowing skin!

You name it. This kit is nature’s way of having your family’s back. I seriously believe this kit needs to be in every Australian household. Since using oils since early 2017, we’ve become less of a burden on our health system (which I am really proud of) as I can support my family with everyday household stuff. Forget the cost saving the on time it takes sitting in doctor’s surgery, the cost of buying of the counter meds. The most exciting thing about using high quality oils like doTERRA is I’m NOT putting extra load on my kids’ organs to metabolise synthetic stuff. This makes me a happy mama.

If you’re remotely curious on what this is all about - I want you to try a sample. For free. (If you are already receiving samples off another wellness advocate, please continue working with them).

What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing, in fact, this is one of those situations where you can only gain. (Whhhattt??! Yep, sometimes, you can be dealt the right cards… and it’s no accident you’re here BTW)

Been watching on the sideline for a while and are ready to get started using oils?

Let’s get you started!

Get Your Home Essentials Kits here:



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Kids PM Routine

Shower, Oils, Book. Applying oils via roller bottles on soles of feet and down the spine are effective ways for our bodies to receive the oils. It gets into the bloodstream within 30 seconds. Within 20 minutes, its circulating throughout the entire body. Amazing, isn't it?


Husband Gets Oil'd 

In a marriage context, touch is mandatory to keep connection. Can you imagine glorious aromatic, therapeutic grade essential oils on hand to massage your darling with, knocking out two birds with one stone? What a gift - and what a connection.