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How To Ask For What You Want Workshop - Gold Coast


"I want to speak up about what I want"


  • I don’t know how
  • It will cause an argument
  • I would prefer to keep the peace
  • It feels silly to tell him what I need
  • I’ve constantly asked, now it just sounds like I am nagging, I am sick of it

Have these thoughts crossed your mind, too?

Travelling through marriage without truly expressing what we need is a missed opportunity, for you and your spouse. He really does want to make you happy.

And added to the mix – a problem I see with clients is they unconsciously ask for LOTS of things. And yes, as you can imagine, your husband cannot fulfil all your needs. This is a matter of being realistic, recognising he is human.



It’s also about knowing what it is you ACTUALLY NEED. Sometimes, in the midst of the chaotic household, we need a lot of things… yet don’t know how to be discerning as to which one we REALLY need. So, we just ask for it all. It gets too overwhelming for him. He shuts down. Unable to supply any of it. You both are disheartened. No-one wins.


This workshop covers how to identify exactly WHAT YOU NEED, so you are actually asking for what your soul truly needs.

Imagine what it would be like to have him:

  • Do what needs to be done around the house.
  • Say the words you need to hear.
  • Bring you gifts that make your heart sing.
  • Touch you the way you’ve desired.
  • Say no to work and make time for you.

Is your heart beating already faster at the thought?

What if I told you there was a way to get this?

There is an art to asking for what you want.


If you want go deeper and understand what your SOUL needs now, plus discover the well-crafted words to ASK for it… this is the workshop for you.

In this workshop, discover an effortless way to ask for what you need, without:

- manipulating or playing games
– feeling like a nag
– causing an argument
– coming across as demanding

The whole balancing it out – picking and choosing battles – making marriage work – it really can be in the too hard basket.

It is not easy. But it is simple when you know how.

Come along to this safe space where you will be welcomed into my home – a small intimate gathering of people who want the same as you. Learn from each other. Share stories. Here's snapshot of mine:

There came a point where I was not ‘seen’ in my household. Felt so undervalued, wondered if cooking and mediating fights between my kids was my purpose, not validated by the people who supposedly love me the most. Unbeknown to be, my self worth was crumbling. When I operated like this for years ---- putting the needs of my husband and children first ----- i depleted my soul. I would be irritable, frustrated, short fused and just bark at my family --- simply because I felt unappreciated. But I didn’t know how I could change the situation. My instinctive response would lead into a verbal cyclone: “No-one gives a shit about me or appreciate what I do round here!” We'd end up in combat, which left me in tears, and left him not knowing what to do either. We were both helpless.

I used to think things like:

“Im not good enough”

“I am not appreciated”

“I am not worthy”

“No one cares”

“I feel like I have lost myself”

“All I’ve ever done is put everyone first and this is what I get???”

What I didn’t really know that was my soul was craving acknowledgement. For me, hearing the words “I appreciate you” and “I am proud of you” are what makes me feel acknowledged and loved. The reason why I never heard these words was because my husband was not good at all with saying these words. I was expecting orange juice to squeeze out of an apple! Great…. I know that’s what I need…. So now how am I going to get it?

It all came together when I was taught a way to ask for what my soul needed. And it wasn’t until I knew what I really needed, was I able to ask with clarity, grace and as a loving request.

(Because, love requests, never demands. Check in with yourself on this one --- are you asking? Or are you really demanding?)

I get it - feels almost humiliating to have to ask to be loved. Surely you don’t need me to tell you to change the bin when you can see it’s overflowing? But… the reality is this. He is not a mind reader and doesn’t know how your unmet need is making you feel. It is your responsibility to express those deep desires. How else is he to know?

This is the material I teach my private coaching clients, who pay over $1000 to have access to this critical marriage skill. The workshop price of $79 secretly frustrates me! However, I know one-on-one coaching is not possible for everyone - and I know this is a relationship game changer - so I want to make it accessible for those who also recognise this is a vital practice in marriage.

What's in the workshop?

In this three hour workshop, we uncover and deep dive into the core, the essence of what you need. And then, I teach you the specialised art of then asking for what it is you need. We all know that we cannot change our partners --- it is up to us to look within. We can learn new skills, internalise it and make the changes in our marriage. 

What is the benefit of attending?

Leave the workshop inspired; with your power of loving feminine grace, you will have the skills and tools to Ask For What You Want.  You will return to your marriage with fresh eyes, renewed spark and absolute clarity to confidently ask for what you want. You will know exactly what to say and when to say it.  I will teach everything I did on how I started seeing orange juice come out my apple!

What is the investment?

For an investment of $79, you will have access to material I teach my private coaching clients. The group setting benefit is you don't spend $1000 like my one-on-one coaching clients. It is exceptional value so you should take me up on it! This ticket price also includes light refreshments and drinks.

When you have a tool up your sleeve that helps you get what you want - that you have for life - what's that worth to you? Investing in yourself is the greatest gift of self love - and your marriage is relying on you to be in good form. Show up the way you always wanted to. When it comes to love, whether it's time, money or energy, the rewards of love is ALWAYS WORTH IT.   

Spaces are limited (and I am not just saying this – my house can only hold so many people!) Imagine how good your Valentines Day will be this year 😉



Can I bring my children? As this is a paid workshop, simply out of respect for participants who want maximum learning time, please do not bring children. However, babes in arms are welcome (8 months and younger; we ask you to move away from learning space if baby is unsettled).

Is there food provided? Your ticket includes light refreshments and drinks. Please ensure to note allergies / strict dietary requirements.

What do I need to bring? Open mind, open heart, notepad and pen.

Can I bring my partner? Of course you can! This would be the ultimate, to have you both there. Send me an email and I will email you a couples 20% discount code. 

Any other question not answered here? Shoot me an email or PM via messenger and I will get back to you. 


You will receive the full address upon confirmation of tickets.

Can’t wait for you to join me 🙂

Because love is always worth it,

x Nathalie

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