Oh, I can’t wait to send you a free oil sample!

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But first - the fine print….which isn’t so fine!

(What can I say - I’m all about transparency!)

I would LOVE to send you an oil sample. You are absolutely not obliged to buy them if you find they’re not a good fit for you. However, I do have two conditions when sending out samples:

1) You must give them a proper go.

It takes time, effort and money to prepare them and give instructions etc.

Please give them the time and respect these oils deserve to help support you.

2) You must give me honest feedback on your experience, good, bad or indifferent.

You must inform me when the samples arrive (reassurance from my end!)

After following instructions and giving it a proper go, I really want to hear your honest feedback. Note, our bodies are different; we respond differently. So, we might not have got it right first time round. Please be open in knowing there could be another oil or blend that could be better suited for you.

If we are clear on these conditions… then please continue on!

Let’s get you sorted with a sample.

Know which one you want? Go right ahead and submit below.

If you’re unsure, answer these questions:

What 3 things do you want more of?

What 3 things do you want less of?

Diagram below may guide on where you may need support.

We will probably back and forth with emails — and that’s totally fine.

Just want to give you the best support I can.

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Will be in contact soon to chat about your oily experience xo